Sunday, December 19, 2010


Here's the newest addition to my camera collection!

It's an Exacta from Germany circa 1938-40. How cool is that?! It even has a pop-up viewfinder that you look down through while holding the camera at waist level. One of my sisters bought it for me as an engagement gift. I've already shot 1 roll of film, but need to get it developed to see if the camera still works (which according to the seller, it should).

My collection of camera memorabilia:

Clockwise from top left: Nikon, Exacta, Polaroid Super Shooter, Canon 50mm, Tamron 18-200mm, Canon 18-55mm, iPhone, Polaroid (Not shown: my main camera, Canon EOS Rebel XSi 450D, and most frequently used lens, Canon 35mm)

All of these work, but I've never used the Polaroid Super Shooter because it's impossible to find the right film. I also have an old non-functioning Argus that I bought off ebay sometime last year, but seem to have misplaced it during Spring cleaning :(

I hope to have a huge shelf full of cameras someday.

*On second look, that picture of all cameras is really dull. Maybe I'll try to shoot them again in a better setting.

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