Thursday, November 19, 2009

Closet Pt. 1

This is one side of my closet (please don't mind all the crap on the floor...I'm currently working on that...) See those empty shelves?

They used to be home to all of this:

I know, it's kind of absurd. In all fairness, I wear most of those shoes, but some of them are pretty ancient and I don't know why I still have them. Well, actually, if you do the math, those 3 shelves weren't really an appropriate amount of space so some of them wound up shoved somewhere in the back. Anyway, I've always hated those shelves. You can only see about 3 pairs of shoes, the rest being hidden behind my clothes and thus forgotten. So I decided to change it up today. I got rid of about 6 pairs of shoes and am currently in the middle of an intense deep cleaning of my closet space in hopes of creating a better home for my babies. Yes, I took a break in the middle to blog. Check back later to see how the closet turns out! Ciao bellas.

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