Thursday, November 19, 2009

Closet Pt. 2

A few hours later, my closet is all tidied up. I managed to better organize my shoes and there is no longer any crap on the floor. Sorry in advance for the odd photos. I dunno if you've ever tried but taking pictures of/in a confined space such as a closet is kinda difficult.

As you can see, I moved all of the shoes to the top shelf...

...and all my purses to the weird shelves.

A closer look...

The boot corner:

I found this random iron shelf thing lying around and decided to nail it onto the wall space in my closet for any loose stuff I couldn't place (i.e. hats and cheaper purses that don't have dust bags for storage)

Oh and since we're here, these are my Michael Kors (the platforms are a Marni-esque ripoff but who cares) sky high heels that are currently my favorite and most comfortable pair of shoes!

Not pictured are the 3 larger than life hefty bags full of excess clothes and shoes to give away. Weee my closet is FINALLY clean! The only thing I need to work on now is getting monochromatic hangers...but that's just the OCD in me talking.

1 comment:

Ashley said...

and just who are you giving these bags away too...

you know where I live. mwhahah. =)