Monday, April 26, 2010

Soulful Strut

I'm always excited when I'm introduced to little pockets of life and culture anywhere between the 60 and 15 freeways. I briefly blogged some photos of Euclid Street last summer and I often pass through the area while out doing "fieldwork" for my job. I was most recently there yesterday and decided to take a detour through Historic Downtown Upland. For anyone whose lived in or even heard of the Inland Empire, you know there really isn't much going on here (unless you're into mega-shopping centers and miles of tract houses). I may be biased, but Chino Hills is on the upper echelon of IE towns (if there is such a thing). It's closer to the beach and LA than the others, there are less bros and lifted trucks, sliiiightly more diversity, but it still isn't much more than a nice suburb. Downtown Upland was very 1950s Americana to me, and not just because I got a scoop of ice cream at a place called "Pop's Cafe & Creamery". The buildings were very old but well maintained, some stores were decorated with cheesy, patriotic American flags, the sidewalks were canopied by old trees, cute bikes littered every street's one of those places where you walk around and feel like saying "hello" to any and every person you make eye contact with. OH! And there is an old red brick firehouse they are in the middle of restoring. I tried to snap a picture but the construction fences were blocking my view. Also not pictured: a store called "Garden of Beaden" that I can't wait to visit next time. I doubt you'd ever be in the area, but if you do find yourself just north of the 10 on Euclid Street, follow the signs to Historic Downtown Upland.

George Chaffey Jr. stands outside the Upland Public Library and City Hall

I think this is where the school board meets? Not entirely sure...

Old school law office..I feel like the constitution is probably framed somewhere inside.

Neighborhood restaurant, literally. This place is surrounded by houses and is also across the street from the public library. I met a very nice waiter while attempting to take pictures.

I'm noticing a trend here and here and here, so I'm thinking of adding a "Hidden Gems of the IE" feature to the blog. Haha, what do you think?

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AKM said...

Hidden Gems feature would be excellent! i remember having nowhere to go besides Claremont when I was in high school, and I was always wary of the white supremacist pockets of the IE like Hemet and Fontana...
you should call the feature the 411 on the 909, lol.