Monday, October 26, 2009

Monster Mash

I've always been a big fan of Halloween. Like I've said before (and many times over) I love dressing up. But somehow, Halloween gets screwed up every year.

This year, I haven't made too big of a deal out of the whole costume thing, which is very unlike me. Even when I don't dress up, my mind is constantly clouded with thoughts of potential costumes. My main problem of late is that I can't quite seem to find my niche. I know a lot of girls say Halloween is the one day of the year you're allowed to dress like a slut, but I guess that isn't exactly my thing. Of course I don't want to look like a frumpy grandma, but I don't think wearing a glorified stripper outfit works as a costume (a little extra skin compared to a normal day is acceptable to me, but I really don't understand the girls walking around in underwear. And aren't they cold?? Maybe I'm a prude, I dunno). Also, when you go with a costume-in-a-bag ensemble, you're going to look like every other girl at the party. So this year, I have a few options that I've been trying to work through....

#1: I purchased a sailor girl costume online last year but could never bring myself to wear it. The dress itself isn't trashy but I bought it with the intention of altering it to make it more unique. I thought I would cut the one-piece dress and hem it into a top to wear tucked in to a high-waisted pencil skirt. I also swapped out the cheap, nurse-inspired sailor hat that came with the dress for one that is more captain-esque (please excuse my fashion vocabulary). This came together pretty well and reminds me of the whole vintage pin-up sailor girl icon. Something about it just isn't entirely "me" though...maybe it's treading too close to the costume-in-a-bag dilemma.

#2: I have an old ballerina skirt from a costume years ago. I can pair it with some accessories from the store to make some sort of fairy/princess/nymph costume. I would love to be an actual ballerina for Halloween but I think it's more appropriate for a casual house party. Maybe next year...

#3: Vampire Victim. This was my original idea for this year, mostly because it's simple, low key, kind of cute and, most importantly, creative. The only drawback is I don't want people to think I'm going for the whole Twilight thing (never read or seen it but from what I understand, there isn't any actual biting in it. Either way, just not what I'm going for). My take on the costume is to wear what I would normally wear to a party, exaggerate my hair (after all, it is Halloween!) maybe do a somewhat drained look on my eyes using gray eyeshadow, and lastly: the bite marks on my neck. I did a tester tonight out of boredom using whatever was in my makeup bag. This took all of 2 minutes, but naturally I would put more time into it on Halloween night.

I think I'm going to go for option #3. Any thoughts??

*Not included on the list: Lady Gaga. I was really excited to buy a wig and do this one, but then I found out it's supposed to be a really popular costume this year so I decided not to. Also, Bonnie and Clyde for me and best friend. I had the outfits down to a tee but for some reason, not this year....

Oh and does anyone know why they don't play the Monster Mash on the radio anymore??? I live for that song at this time of year!

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