Saturday, July 11, 2009

Currently Lusting Over...

...a couple of things. I've never made a wish list but with my 23rd birthday exactly one month away, I'm thinking why not? Wish lists can sometimes present the notion of asking for gifts or come off as self centered. But you should know that those aren't my intentions here. This is just harmless fun. Also know that by sharing these things, it quells my desire to shop (regardless of whether or not I get any of these goodies), and that's always a good thing.

With that said, here is my wish list:
  • A few things from Free People, like this and this
  • A snuggie! I have wanted one of these since they came out. Apparently that makes me a weirdo, so I've never given in to the urge to buy one. It really is a genius idea, but not the fugly "designer" ones they've been advertising lately..I'm sorry, I didn't know leopard and zebra print classified as designer lol.
  • A camera bag. Would you believe I've been lugging my precious around without anything to protect it? 
  • Piano lessons
  • Sprinkles Red Velvet Cupcakes, or a cheap Albertsons marble cake with buttercream icing
  • These black BCBGeneration booties on page 41b of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Catalog
  • A homemade card
  • Anything well thought or sentimental...I'm really not very picky 
  • World peace and a diamond ring. I am wishing for things, so no harm in tacking those on there, right? :)
What's on your wish list at the moment?


Ashley Turner said...

It is no surprise that my mother and I love blankets, once you realize we are the type of people who get cold when everyone else is still hot. Notice that the key word there was BLANKETS. Our sincere love for blankets makes the snuggie look pathetic in our eyes.teehee. =]

But because men will be men, my dad bought one for us anyway. Do we use it? No. Do we have any intention of ever using it, ever? Nope.

lol. I'll see if I can snag it for you - if you really want. =]

Sara said...

Oh no! I refuse to accept that the snuggie isn't worth it! Haha, maybe the slanket is better? I dunno if you watch The Great Debate on VH1 but they were talking about the snuggie the other day, it was pretty funny