Monday, April 2, 2012


When photo excursions go bad:

For once, I remembered to pack the tripod, the right lens, had a charged battery, and most importantly, the initiative to get out and shoot! Being a lover of long exposures, I've been wanting to go out to Joshua Tree at night to shoot the trees, stars, cloud trails and wide open landscape since I bought my camera 3 years ago. Fast forward to Saturday night. It was just past midnight and we were 20 miles into Joshua Tree from the wrong entrance with hardly any gas...all the makings of a bad horror movie I would pay to watch. We couldn't bring ourselves to get out of the car into the surrounding blackness and instead bolted back towards the freeway. I've never seen my gas tank hit zero miles but lucky for us, the slight downhill slope on the 10 allowed us to roll into Chevron without the car breaking down.

Joshua Tree: 1, Sara: 0
March 2012

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