Thursday, May 12, 2011

Today is My Birthday

Okay, not really. But the packages I've been waiting for both surprisingly arrived today!

I hate to admit it, but sometimes, I'm a big blogger style stalker. I jump back and forth between fashion blogs because 90% of them annoy me, but I got sucked into the Cambridge Satchel hype when I saw the kelly green one featured on Where Did U Get That. So I ordered it that same day in yellow. Since they're handmade to order bags, it took forever. Well, forever compared to the instant shipping most online retailers have these days. When I do a lot of online shopping, I sometimes fall behind in keeping track of packages, so it took me a month after ordering before I realized I still hadn't received a "your order has shipped" email. So I emailed them and they responded a week later with some annoying PR about how they've been featured in magazines lately and are having trouble keeping up with their orders, etc. etc. etc. Anywho, my bag arrived today (in this oh so cute tissue with the little thank you tag). I love everything personal and handwritten so all is forgotten and the bag was every bit worth the wait!

The second package was silver shade Polaroid film (for an extra vintage feel) that I ordered via the Impossible Project two days ago. Here are some pictures of my new toys since my lazy butt never photographs anything interesting these days:

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Wen Chen said...

Love the purse!