Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pet Peeves: Sunday Evening Edition

While I can't deny that they are both talented photographers, Scott Schuman & Garance Dore come across as one superficial, super-pretentious super-couple in this NY Mag article from last week:

Why, you ask? Maybe it's because she refers to him as her weight loss coach and gushes about the Kiehl's special oil face massages he gives her every night. Or maybe it's because Schuman nonchalantly passes comments like "We bought them at Celine in Rome...they look really great" in reference to Dore's pants. We? Not sure why that bothers me so much, but it's not like they're a sofa or end table. I mean does Scott wear them on the weekends? If so, I'll retract my statement, but given the extra inches Garance has on him, I'm doubtful.

via Refinery29...not sure why a woman like this needs a "weight loss coach"

At any rate, my ick factor is a little high after reading this dual profile. Too harsh?

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