Thursday, January 20, 2011

Easy on the Eyes

Ever feel like shutting your mind off and looking at pretty pictures?

Tonight, I bring you Liz & her Baubles.

In Richard Burton's dressing room before he took the stage as Hamlet

Love her eyebrows

Liz and Richard in Budapest for her 40th birthday

The Taj Mahal diamond Richard gave her for her 40th birthday. It says "Love is Everlasting" in Parsee.

Poolside with Mike Todd, just after being given the ruby and diamond necklace.

Pretty coral and diamonds

My favorite shot of her

These are all scanned from Elizabeth Taylor's My Love Affair With Jewelry, which I bought about 8 years ago, mostly because I knew the photos wouldn't disappoint and it was sitting on the bargain table for about $5. It mostly showcases Liz's jewelry collection, along with some sweet stories behind how/when she acquired them and personal photos of her and then-husbands Michael Todd & Richard Burton.

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