Sunday, September 5, 2010


Before coming home from Monterey, we decided to spend an extremely quick weekend in San Francisco. It was freezing cold and we didn't do much other than shop and eat. I did manage to snap a few pictures here and there though.

Shopping in Union Square:

The GIGANTOR Forever 21, which I was very excited about (despite the hour-long line at the fitting rooms) because they had a huge Love 21 section. Bought this dress in magenta (the model's weird pose is hiding how cute this dress actually looks on) and this sweater (hate the large diaper safety pin closure, but it's so soft and comfortable so I just wear it open). The store was 3 floors; I only made it through 1.

Yerba Buena Gardens:

Conveniently located around the corner from our hotel and across the street from St. Patrick's Church (pictured below). It was sunny that afternoon (but still freezing!) so the grass was full of people laying out.

St. Patrick's Church:

Contemporary Jewish Museum of San Francisco:

I didn't actually visit it but enjoyed taking pictures of this fountain out front. There was also a wedding procession leaving St. Patrick's Church next door, so I watched the wedding party while they were taking pictures on a trolley parked out front. It wasn't as creepy as that sounds...

And finally, it got too cold out so I went into a bookstore inside Metreon (right next to Yerba Buena Gardens) and bought this adorable little 8 oz bottle of Coke at a coffee shop.

So that's it, last Saturday in a nutshell. Happy Labor Day!

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