Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lover's Point

On Thursday morning, my sisters and I drove out to Lover's Point in Pacific Grove. Our main goal was to get their before sunrise since it's one of the only spots on the west coast where you can see the sun rise over the ocean. I guess Lover's Point (formerly known as "Lover's of Jesus Point") has a unique east-facing location, and the rocks kind of cut out into the ocean, making the sun appear to rise over the water. Well, we made it on time, but unfortunately it was one of the foggiest mornings of the entire week and we weren't able to see anything. We still had some fun climbing the rocks and relaxing to the sound of the morning waves, and I had a chance to experiment with long exposures (something I've wanted to do for awhile). I love the motion and "airy-ness" (yes, I just made up a word) a long exposure can create in a photo. I was really hoping to catch the clouds moving and wonderfully blurred colors from the sun, but the fog made this impossible for an amateur like myself. Instead, I came up with these:

The mist in the photos is actually the waves crashing against the rocks. I almost lost my camera, tripod and self while hiking up and down these rocks but luckily, we all made it out safely. All of these photos, except the last, were 25-35 second exposures, so it was actually very dark while I was taking them. Ah, the magic of photography :)

*My sister was snapping iPhone pics of me with my gear as I tried my best not to plummet to my death

I definitely need to go back to Lover's Point when the weather is more permissible!

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AKM said...

glad the one i took with the iphone came out. at first i was disappointed that it was blurry, but it actually looks much better with that effect. and too bad about the sunrise; though it was s really neat spot.