Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Every August (right around my birthday!) Free People seems to release their best catalog. It's for the upcoming fall, so lots of cute layers, chic jackets, and rugged boots. Instead of a mental wishlist this year, I'm treating myself to a shopping spree. Here's what's on the list:

I like all of these, but I've settled on the Sergeant Street Jacket and the OTK Boot. When OTK boots started popping up everywhere last year, I never bought into the trend. I saw it done well on many people, but could never find the right pair (also within my budget) that suited my style. I love the laces and low heel on these. They remind me a of an edgier version of the old lady that lived in a shoe. Regarding the jackets, I don't really need a flared short waisted blazer (even though I love the collar and shoulders on the red tweed one) so I've decided on the Sergeant Street Jacket. The white looks great, but I know it'll pick up any dust, dirt, stains, etc. in the air so I'm going to buy it in navy.

I'm also still looking for a cute pair of penny loafers, but that will have to wait 'til another time.

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