Monday, July 19, 2010

Big Screen

I've unintentionally stuck to my new years resolution and have already seen more movies in the first half of this year than I saw altogether in 2009. I haven't been a huge Julia Roberts fan this past decade (much more impressed by her '90s movies like My Best Friends Wedding and Pretty Woman) and I feel a little bit like a sap in saying this, but the trailers for Eat, Pray, Love have really been overwhelming me. Having no previous interest in this book, I just spent some time reading the first 30 pages on google. I don't know if it's some subconscious "quarter century crisis" or this fleeting fantasy of disappearing with no safety net or obligations (I say fleeting because deep down this petrifies me) or the idea of traveling and immersing in different cultures, but I'm hooked and inspired (hopefully
that isn't fleeting). "Buy Eat, Pray Love" has just been tacked on to my to-do list for tomorrow. And even though big screen adaptations rarely live up to the original text, I plan on watching it when it comes out.

Other summer flicks I'm interested in:
The Kids Are Alright
Easy A

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