Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Through the Looking Glass

I spontaneously ordered a new lens last week. I wasn't prepared to spend hundreds of dollars so I opted for a generic brand. A few negatives from buying a generic brand: the auto-focus is a smidge noisier than that of my other canon lenses, it's heavier despite being advertised as light-weight (but it has a crazy zoom so that might account for the extra weight), and there isn't any image-stabilization which makes it a little difficult when fully zoomed out, but as a beginner not willing to invest megabucks into a new lens, so far so good. Lately, I've been shooting everything with my 50mm lens because the colors are much more vibrant and clear than the kit lens. Since it's a prime lens, that presents some obstacles but for the most part, I'm pretty satisfied with it. I was getting a little tired of it though, so I wanted a better day-to-day lens. The lens I ordered turned out to be a macro lens (I'm not sure how I missed that when I was buying it...). I'm not really interested in macro photography or super detailed close up shots, not right now anyway, but after playing around with the lens today, I think I'm going to keep it. It still works great for normal framed shots. I did some shooting around the house and I'm pretty pleased with the color and clarity. Maybe you don't need a macro lens for everyday shooting but the quality is pretty impressive, and I can't deny the great price tag on this lens...I think I'll keep it!

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