Sunday, February 28, 2010

Back Home

Hello hello blogosphere! I arrived back in the U.S. on Friday from a pretty solid 3 weeks in Pakistan. All in all, it was an extremely relaxing trip, but I apologize in advance for a lack of pictures. I was incredibly intimidated by the heightened security in Pakistan. Every year I go, there are security guards and armed men in all the markets but I was apprehensive to pull out my isn't exactly discreet and I've had my little point-and-shoot confiscated at certain places in Pakistan in the past. It was so disappointing because I think everything about the country is so photogenic but I guess I'll just have to try harder next time :/

Anyhow, I am extremely jetlagged--I accidentally fell asleep yesterday afternoon from 6-11pm and haven't slept since! It's finally an appropriate hour to sleep, so I'm off to hibernate. Oh, and I did get a chance to upload some pictures to flickr, head on over and check them out!


***After re-reading this post, I apologize for my overuse of adverbs. Sleep will make me more coherent tomorrow.

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