Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Motherland

I will be leaving for my 8th trip to Pakistan next Wednesday. One of my cousins is getting married, so my mom and I are flying out to attend the festivities. It seems each trip back, the conditions worsen but I enjoy myself more. On my last trip, the electricity was gone the majority of each day and because of the political turmoil, we were advised against going out to the main plazas too often. I'm hearing that this year, the electricity situation is even worse. I don't mind sitting around in the dark with candles, catching up with my family, but there are a few major setbacks from a lack of power: no email, stress from trying to preserve all battery operated devices (cameras, hair straighteners, etc.), going stir crazy from a lack of entertainment, no email...

I'm getting ready for my trip and thought I'd share some photos from my past two trips in 2006 and 2008. Consider it a preview because I'm sure I'll be uploading heaps of photos once I get back.

Shopping, inside a fabric store

Sight-seeing...I believe this is the Shalimar Gardens in Lahore

One variation of a taxi

Power outage

Minarets during sunset

The Lahore Fort

A shoemaker on the side of the road

Goats outside the day after rain (in the small town where my grandmother lives)

A house of cards I built during one of the many power outages

At the bazaar (in Lahore)

A view of the Badshahi Mosque from the Lahore Fort

An old room at my Grandma's house that is now basically storage. My grandparents used to sit in those chairs.

I'm pretty excited to experience my first wedding in Pakistan, as well as take photos with my new camera. Anyhow, be sure to check back in with the blog because it should be updated, even while I'm gone! xoxo

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