Monday, September 7, 2009

Hair, There, Everywhere

If you haven't noticed from my past few posts, I've been lagging on the whole "get outside and shoot" attitude I was hoping to embrace. Outside is hot, inside is boring, I am lazy. And I feel the need to rant a little...So I give you tonight's subject:

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's HAIR.

I cut about 12 inches of my hair off last May. My hairstylist then gave me an overzealous trim in November. And while I loved the grown out bob I got over a year ago, all I have wanted for the past 6 months is for my hair to be long again. I swear it has been at this middle length for way longer than is normal. I don't personally believe in extensions, nor do I color my hair (never have and I don't plan on in the future). So whenever I get bored with my hair, I opt for fringe bangs as an instant makeover. But in this heat, they lasted all of 4 days before I just started pinning them back. What's even more frustrating is about 3 people in the last month have asked me "Aw, did you cut your hair?" No, people, I did not. Why would I choose to keep my hair at this boring, drab length? I don't even use my flat iron any more because stick straight only emphasizes the unfortunate length. Is it just me or does anyone else's hair seem to grow to a certain length and then stop for awhile? Are there vitamins I can take to speed the process? Can I just blame the triple digit weather? Why am I asking so many questions? And did I really just maniacally blog about my hair at 3am?

I can't be the only one--what keeps you up thinking at random hours of the night?

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Ashley said...

I'm too lazy to verify the facts, but I do believe around the time of your birthday your blog did reference you cutting your hair.

On another note, the vitamen BIOTIN is supposed to make your ahir grow. You can get it at your local GNC. The first time I tried it, it worked. The second time? I didn't really see results.

Ironically, your hair is supposed to grow longer during warmer weather. But mine just seems to break off. sigh.