Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cheers to Me & You

On this day 5 years ago (or maybe not because it's after midnight now), I met a very special person. Happy Anniversary. A half decade has flown by, but in the best way imaginable.

Oh and thank you for the wonderful gift:

I've already spent the last hour on ebay bidding on film. Between this and the vintage Minolta+telephoto lens I found in our house last week, my sweet little collection of cameras is acquiring more vintage.

And on a completely unrelated note...

Ever since this whole picture quality issue (which I still haven't figured out and don't really care to anymore), I've been neglecting blogger. I started a flickr so you can check that out if you want, but I'll probably still update on here. It's been a busy and exhausting couple of weeks and hopefully I'll start taking more pictures soon! G'night interweb.

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