Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Morning Through Illustrations-- No, I'm not 5 years old

It's a pretty slow day at work, so I thought I'd put my time to better use and share my morning with the blogosphere. And since this is one of the few times I don't have a camera on me, (or my choice credit card, I spaced at the post office yesterday and threw it away with my receipt, didn't realize it til later that night --> no online shopping for the next 10-12 days :/ ) I went for the next best thing: illustrations.

  • Highlights of 93.1 this morning: Tom Petty, Collective Soul, Elton John, Steppenwolf

  • Too many calls for the wrong number...

  • Me, bug-eyed from staring at the computer for too long. From my drawing, you'd think I stuck my finger in a socket and got a nose job.

How professional, right? Sitting at my desk doodling. It's a good thing my boss is my dad. If anyone's wondering, my dad owns Jack in the Box franchises in San Francisco and Southern California, and I basically do any/all office and paperwork behind keeping those stores in operation. Wow, that was boring. But it's a nice temporary gig, with great benefits: Enviable hours, leaving me with free afternoons to do as I please, take pictures, watch tv, sleep, go out, whatever; I can't really get fired (I hope..lol); I have a 5 minute commute; Free Jack in the Box whenever I want; Things like Facebook, Gchat and Blogger aren't blocked on my computer at work; It's cool to help your parents, no matter how un-hip that may seem :)
Of course there are cons (spending
too much time with my parents, working a job that has absolutely no correlation to what I spent 4 years of college studying), but I think those come with most positions.

Look at that, it's time for lunch!

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