Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Currently Lusting Over...

Ray Ban!

Through the years, my adoration for Ray Ban has been growing. I'm not sure if it's the vintage styles or the fact that they compliment practically every face shape, but I never get sick of this brand. Between Best Friend and myself, we have a quite a collection. The Aviators I'm wearing below are his (or should I say were his, r.i.p. sunnies...there's a funny story behind this) -- I always thought they looked better on him though. I can't say the same for my Retro Cat Eyes (2nd picture) that I've been wearing from March 'til now. Not pictured are his Classic Wayfarers that I debate stealing every time they're in sight...

Anyway, I'm ready to add another pair to the collection. I've been eyeing (ha ha, ok enough with the eye/sight/glasses puns) these Club Master Wayfarers for a few months. I think they'd be a darling addition to our little Ray Ban family.

(image via Nordstrom)

I'm between black (not pictured...sorry, got lazy) and beige, but steering towards beige. What do you think?

Funny Story: Best Friend and I were arguing one day. Not so much arguing as we were irritated with one another. Neither of us could get over ourselves and listen to the other, for reasons you really don't need to know. So we're sitting there on some bench at some park (both wearing our awesome Ray Bans; barf for matching), and if I remember correctly, Best Friend was trying to change the subject and cheer me up but me being my awful, stubborn self, refused to grow up and move on. The poor guy is sitting there trying to so hard. He finally gives up and we're basically having the most depressing staring contest at this point, when pop, out comes one of the lens from his sunglasses. It took all of 2 seconds before both of us were laughing hysterically. It was the absolute best timing, exactly what both of us needed. The universe is funny like that sometimes. So thank you, Ray Ban, for breaking the tension on that awful day :)

This was taken shortly after it happened. A matter of minutes until I was back to my normal self and couldn't let this photo op pass. Too perfect.

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